What is Zippict?

Zippict is a learning management system – an online, cloud-based system that teachers use to distribute their classwork and related resources for students.

There's no cost for you to use Zippict, just sign in with the information you received from your teacher, find your classroom and get started. If your school doesn't use Zippict, tell them about it — both you and your teachers will be grateful you did!

E-Learning the way it ought to be…

At Zippict, we do things a little differently than most other learning management systems. We believe real teachers shouldn't be replaced with software or relegated to administering their class behind a computer instead of teaching. That's why we designed our entire platform to be a supplement to the classroom environment instead of a replacement.

Zippict can improve a teacher's productivity by automatically handling tasks such as grade keeping, homework distribution, student management and so much more. Best of all, Zippict is simple to use. Its intuitive user interface doesn't get in the way of learning, and it's compatible with nearly every platform with access to the internet!

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